Nordegg and Area

A hamlet of about 90 residents today, in the mid 1900’s, Nordegg was home to a population of over 3,000 people who had come here to work at the mine. At the time, it was one of the most modern mining towns in North America.

The old church in Nordegg is a favourite for couples looking at getting married in the West Country.

Facilities found in Nordegg include Cheechako Cabins, a motel, liquor store, post office, gas station and convenience store (sell fishing licences), a ranger station (closed, because the Province won't spend money on conservation and environment), and the museum with a quaint little coffee shop (open end of May to end of Sept.)

Brazeu Collieries in it’s hey days was among the largest and most advanced coal mines. Following a fire in 1950, which destroyed much of the surface installations, the mine was rebuilt only to shut down for good in 1955. The town was razed and residents were evicted, but the actual processing plant still stands.

The facilities, which can be viewed today, were state of the art at the time, but coal was being replaced with oil and demand plummeted.

A three hour guided tour of the facility is well worth it, providing an overview of the human and industrial history of the area. In 2002, the mine was declared a National Historic Site. For more information, check out the Historic Society website.