Fishing in the many lakes and rivers of the region is a popular pastime. The season differs depending on the watershed and even individual water bodies so it is important to inform yourself before heading out with the rod.

The main season is usually from mid June to September and in winter you can try yourself at ice-fishing on some of the lakes. Fly-fishing is more prevalent as live or scented bait are not allowed in most locations. Also , there are limits on the type and size of fish that can be kept and some, like the Bull Trout, are protected. Different species of trout and Rocky Mountain Whitefish are found in the area.

Fishing regulations and licences can be obtained from various stores in the region. If you are serious about the sport, we recommend you hire a guide ( for a day or two and head for the Ram River, which is considered as one of the best streams in Alberta. If you like horses AND fishing, check out, which offers both.