Access / Location

We are located 40km E of Banff National Park / 45 km W of Nordegg, off Highway 11. Aurum Lodge is situated at Whitegoat Lakes (Cline River), in the eastern front ranges of the Rocky Mountains in the Province of Alberta at an elevation of 1,350 m (4,500 ft). The site of Aurum Lodge overlooks Lake Abraham and is surrounded by forests and mountain peaks.

Access by car is available year-round. International airports are located in both Edmonton and Calgary. Road Map. See also Driving Directions.

Approximate driving time/distance:

  • Calgary:
    4 hours/350 km (220 mi)
  • Edmonton:
    4 hours/350 km (220 mi)
  • Banff:
    2 hours/175 km (110 mi)
  • Jasper:
    2 ¼ hours/200 km (125 mi)
  • Lake Louise:
    1 1/2 hours/125 km (75 mi)
  • Red Deer:
    2 1/2 hours/230 km (140 mi)



View of Abraham Lake and Hwy 11. Aurum Lodge is located on the little bay in the centre of the picture, 800 meters (1/2 mile) from the road.